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As a designer, curiosity has made me versatile. When designing a product system, the design must be informed by branding, manufacture restrictions, storytelling, and any other relevant considerations. When you create a website, animation, or public art, you need to consider many of the same factors.

Curiosity has afforded me a broad range of skills. I spent 5 years at the Alberta University of the Arts where I explored many different disciplines; both in and out of class. From the design and fabrication of jewellery, circuitry, and 3D printers, to graphic design, illustration, and both 2D and 3D animation. I dove further into these subjects after graduating; explored the fields surrounding them.

I now take pleasure in finding the connections between these fields of study. How can art history be used to make better product design? How can waveform collapse be used to create more interesting characters? I now make advertisements influenced by my knowledge of storytelling, web design that is informed by architecture, and am even working on a game with inspiration from logistical systems design.

I am not a master in any of these areas. That isn't the point. A connecting thread between everything I do is computational design. To become ever more efficient through the use of parametric, procedural, or modular design principles. That, combined with curiosity, is what gives me my edge.


Calgary, AB | Canada
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